Colorado’s New Felony DUI Law: WHAT NOW?

Four Strikes Becoming Devastating For Repeat DUI Offenders

Most know that DUI laws have become tougher over the years, but the change put into effect on August 5, 2015, was an historic step in Colorado. For those charged with their fourth DUI, a felony DUI will be filed if the accused driver has three prior alcohol-related driving convictions, regardless of where in the United States they occurred.

It is critical to work with a proven, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney if you or a loved one is facing any alcohol-related driving charge, including a misdemeanor DUI or DWAI. Should your concern involve a felony DUI near Fort Collins, a lawyer well-prepared to advise and represent you is one call away. I will represent you if your case falls under the new “fourth strike” language in the felony DUI bill recently signed into law.

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Turn to me, attorney David H. Johnson of Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, P.C., with confidence in my ability and your goals in mind to strategically negotiate a plea agreement or fight at trial. I am knowledgeable in current Colorado DUI laws — and understand how they are applied in Larimer County, Longmont and Greeley, and surrounding courts.

I address every charge of driving under the influence of alcohol — as well as drug crimes and other criminal offenses — with focus and creativity. When my clients face felony alcohol-related driving offenses, my Fort Collins law firm provides a strategic, results-focused defense, emphasizing:

  • Comprehensive investigation to determine whether your rights were violated or other mistakes were made by law enforcement
  • Scientific and procedural analysis of all relevant evidence and how it was obtained
  • Clear guidance throughout the legal process, ensuring that you know and understand all options available for minimizing consequences, including a focus on alcohol or drug rehabilitation

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Whether you are facing a fourth drunk driving charge or a lesser offense that can impact your freedom, driver’s license and financial stability for years to come, I will provide the qualified, balanced counsel you need to make the best decisions. Call 970-829-1221 or send an email right now for prompt attention and your free initial consultation.

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