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For truck driver or those who depend on their license as a means of earning a living, a driving under the influence (DUI) charge can be devastating. Because a commercial drivers license (CDL) allows holders to carry massive loads on our highways and interstates, courts do not look favorably upon those charged with intoxicated driving. In fact, the consequences for CDL holders charged with DUI or DWAI tend to be considerably more severe than a regular driver’s license. One example is that with a CDL, deferred sentencing is not an option.

Don’t let one lapse in judgement ruin your life. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to assisting CDL holders protect their rights in DUI investigations. By hiring me as your attorney, I will strive to negotiate a favorable outcome on your behalf. Please, call me today at 970-829-1221 for a no-obligation consultation and let’s discuss your legal options and work toward getting your life back on track.

Know Your Rights and Your Options

Many people who are charged with a DUI do not know their rights and options. With an experienced advocate, you are able to explore treatment options to minimize the other penalties in your case, such as a jail sentence. Do not let one mistake define you and affect the rest of your life, your reputation and your career. You deserve a second chance.

For more information or to discuss your criminal defense needs, contact my Fort Collins, Colorado, law office. Call 970-829-1221 now to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with a commercial driver’s license criminal defense lawyer.

DUI Consequences for Commercial Drivers

The consequences of a DUI can be felt immediately, especially for CDL holding drivers. The most obvious is that upon being charged with a DUI or DWAI, your license may be revoked. Obviously, for someone that relies on the ability to drive for a living, this can be catastrophic on a personal and professional level. If you lose your CDL, you lose your job, your income, your livelihood. A DUI conviction for CDL holders can have far-reaching consequences for years if convicted.

I am experienced in the investigation of DUI cases and will explore every available avenue of defense on your behalf. I want to help you maintain your dignity and minimize the consequences of these types of charges. I will consult with witnesses, talk to experts, review evidence and build a strategic case to defeat your charges or minimize penalties in your case involving:

  • Commercial driver’s license DUI
  • Sentencing
  • Express consent license revocation
  • Driving under the influence
  • Loss of license
  • License revocation

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