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Have you ever had an argument with a significant other? Hopefully, it was resolved peacefully. Unfortunately, sometimes things escalate and a simple argument becomes more and someone ends up in Jail. What you may not know is that, in Colorado, you can be charged with domestic violence for obscene language or harassing text messages.

What’s important to note is that domestic violence is often paired with other offenses. It’s not typically a charge that is issued by itself. I have seen this happen many times.

Law enforcement officers are required to arrest an individual on domestic violence investigations if the officer reasonably believes a crime was committed. You need to know that there are serious consequences for domestic violence crimes.

I have been assisting my clients for many years with many domestic violence charges, including:

  • Domestic abuse/domestic assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Spousal abuse
  • False accusations of many charges including verbal abuse, harassment, or intimidation


About Restraining Orders

Charges stemming from domestic violence complaints, such as assault (in some jurisdictions called assault and battery) and harassment are taken very seriously in Colorado. Unlike other misdemeanor charges, an individual arrested and charged with a domestic violence offense is required to be jailed without question, go before a judge and post a bail bond before being released. As a condition of the bail bond, a no-contact order is issued.

This restraining order cannot be revoked or rescinded without notification to the victim and a court hearing. I will be by your side to aggressively negotiate with the prosecution and, if circumstances call for it, litigate your case in court. I will do whatever it takes to protect your rights.

Experienced and Thoughtful Advocacy

When considering an attorney to help you with your domestic violence case, I encourage you to do some research. I have been assisting criminal defense clients for more than 30 years in order to help them find justice. I don’t want to see anyone falsely accused go to jail or see an emotionally charged false accusation lead to a criminal conviction.

My Fort Collins law office has the resources available to investigate your case and utilize the evidence that supports your defense. By presenting your position, I am able to show the district attorney’s office and the court there is another side to the story.

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