Fort Collins Vehicular Assault and Homicide Lawyer

A vehicular homicide or vehicular assault charge can arise after an accident involving drugs, alcohol or reckless driving. While an automobile accident can carry emotional scars, an accident that results in a serious injury or death can be traumatic. I want you to know that as a Fort Collins attorney experienced in vehicular assault and vehicular homicide, I understand what you’re going through.

If you or someone you love has been arrested for vehicular assault or vehicular homicide, you need an immediate and strategic defense to protect your rights. I am David H. Johnson from Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, P.C. and I am dedicated to providing experienced counsel and advocacy to criminal defendants involving vehicular homicide and vehicular assault.

What Is Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide?

Vehicular assault and Vehicular homicide are defined as, “a crime that involves serious bodily injury or death of a person other than the driver as a result of either reckless driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

As you may have guessed, vehicular homicide requires a party to actually die as a result of the accident. These are felony cases and are very serious. Both vehicular assault and vehicular homicide carry significant penalties both in court and with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

As an attorney, I will investigate the facts of your case, interview witnesses and work with experts. I will challenge any underlying DUI/DWAI charge if it is relevant in your case. It is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to preserve evidence in your case.

Complex Cases Demand Experienced, Thoughtful Advocacy

With more than 30 years of experience, I know how difficult these cases can be. Most defendants are dealing with an array of emotions that leads them to feel confused, scared, or frustrated with the criminal justice system. I will help you separate your emotions about the situation from the legal problems at hand.

As your attorney, I will be there to answer your questions, guide you through the obstacles, protect your rights and advocate your position through the legal system to allow you to move forward in your life.

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