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No one wants to think that attending college or a university comes with risks. After all, it’s supposed to be an exciting new chapter in the lives of young adults. As a parent this can weigh on your mind. It’s no secret that when your kids move away from home for the very first time, it’s typical for college campuses to become a place for parties, not just academics.

Sometimes, college students find themselves targets of criminal investigations, resulting in them being charged with very severe criminal offenses and penalties. Some students can even be charged as teens. If you or your child has been charged with a crime while living on a college campus, you want to consider immediate legal representation. It’s of utmost importance that you construct a solid defense and speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Criminal Investigations on College Campuses

On-campus police officers, city police officers, and state police know that college campuses are prime targets for drug busts, underage drinking, DUI offenses, and as horrific as it may sound, sexual assault crimes. For any student accused of a crime on a college campus, the consequences can be life-altering. I am dedicated to helping students protect their rights and provide them the resources they need to move forward.
Most commonly, crimes on college campuses involve:

  • Sexual assault
  • Drug busts/search and seizure
  • Drinking and driving (DUI and DWAI)
  • Underage drinking
  • Marijuana possession and/or consumption

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Campus Crime Defense Parents Can Count On

As a parent of a college student, you have spent the last 18+ years of your life protecting your children and trying to guide them in the right direction. Getting the phone call that your child has been charged with a crime can truly be a sinking feeling. Whether your student is a freshman or graduate student, you still want to do anything you can to protect your child.

Any student charged with a criminal offense needs experienced, strategic, and effective defense.

It’s not uncommon for us to represent college students whose parents live out of state. If you’re a parent, we can help provide your child with the defense they need so that you and your family can overcome this obstacle and move on with your lives. I will do everything I can to help build a solid defense for your child, giving you peace of mind that, while you may be out of state, you have someone in Colorado with your child’s interests at heart. Take action now to help protect your child’s future.

I represent students from the following campuses:

  • University of Northern Colorado in Greeley
  • Colorado State University in Fort Collins
  • Front Range Community College in Loveland and Fort Collins
  • AIMS Community College in Greeley, Loveland and Windsor

I have substantial experience cases involving college students accused of criminal activities on campus. Call 970-829-1221 or contact me by email for a free initial consultation.

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