Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Collins, Colorado

Effective Criminal Defense Strategies

There are certain characteristics that distinguish good criminal defense lawyers from the rest. Your attorney must be able to negotiate, litigate and must truly care about you to obtain a positive outcome in your case. Moreover, a good criminal defense attorney listens to their clients and understands their unique goals and interests.

As a former prosecutor and highly-respected trial lawyer focused on criminal defense and personal injury, I’ve worked toward making sure my clients’ rights are not imposed upon. My Colorado law firm, Liggett, Johnson and Goodman, PC, is one of the few attorney offices in the Fort Collins area that is able to handle your criminal defense in a felony sexual assault or other major felony, including organized crime (COCCA) cases.

Prior to reaching out to an attorney, it’s important to make sure they are capable. When dealing with multiple witnesses, trials can become lengthy. Additionally, gathering and thoroughly evaluating the evidence can become pertinent to presenting your case. Lastly, calling upon the testimony of expert witnesses can truly result in different outcomes within any trial. Ask yourself, “is your attorney experienced in these areas?”

Criminal Defense for Juveniles to Adults

I provide effective criminal defense to many college students, working for acquittals, dismissals, expungements or minimized consequences on charges such as:

  • Drug offenses — which can be especially serious for a college student because a conviction may result in termination of student loans
  • DUI/DWI offenses — I can challenge DUI offenses in court and have effectively defended repeat offenders
  • Theft — petty thefts of small value items still carry significant consequences
  • Vehicular assault/homicide — which is usually the result of impaired or reckless driving
  • Sexual assault or other sex offenses — all of which can have very serious, long-term consequences in Colorado
  • Domestic violence — help with restraining orders and protection orders

I also have significant experience handling probation violation cases.
For more information or to discuss your criminal defense needs, contact me today at my Fort Collins, Colorado, law office. Call 970-829-1221 now to schedule your free consultation with a Fort Collins criminal defense lawyer.

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